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Gapers Block published from April 22, to Jan. The site will remain up in archive form.

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Take your parents to Local Wonders and bask in songs of the prairie. Check out this nice vintage book club poster. As the new year grows closer, think of years past with this nice vintage reprint of what Book Club might have been in Doors open atand stories start at Randolph St. Hair of the dog, folks, hair of the dog. The life and work of Ted KooserPoet Laureate, takes to the stage with song in the Chicago Dramatists production of the musical Local Wonders.

The Chicago Tribune calls Kooser "a clear-eyed, populist poet of the prairie" and says "if you hail from Iowa or Nebraska, especially the southeastern reaches what Kooser calls "The Bohemian Alps"and you find yourself missing home this holiday time, then Local Wonders should offer some balm.

San Juan from craigslist sex

Chicago Dramatists, W. Chicago Ave. The remainder of show runs December 30 through January 9, Thursday through Sunday. or here for tickets.

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It's not just another list, it's their opening list: Newberry curators and other expert staff name their best books of Still on holiday vacation? She'll be reading from her debut young adult novel Nightshade Citywhich tells the tale of an underground city of anthropomorphized rats living under a brutal dictatorship and the ragtag heroes that stage a coup.

Personals in Puerto Rico, USA

Wednesday, December 29 at 2pm. Another list: the Chicago Reader recounts this year's contributions to their fiction issue.

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The Book Club staff's compiled a list of our favorite titles this year -- not necessarily published inor even Chicago-centric, just what we liked, loved, and appreciated, and why. This appealingly odd and existential detective story navigates a city of curious horrors and delights, its uncertain protagonist working to the heart of a mystery as shadowy, ambiguous, and fantastical as the players behind it. Reminded me of Ray Bradbury but sparser, in a really good way.

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Fans of magical realism, eccentric heroes, or just a good puzzle, this book could be your latest literary pal, or maybe new best friend. This book has a bit of everything: tragedy, the pain of racism, coming-of-age. The writer uses an interesting voice with short sentences that cut right to the chase. I couldn't put it down! The Brief Wondrous Life is in fact a history-packed epic, told from multiple points of view. The story unfolds in an engaging, slang-y style sprinkled with kitchen-sink pop cultural references.

Personals in Puerto Rico, USA

He makes it all work. The novel is quite an achievement yet he makes it all seem effortless, like late night confessional tales unspooling at a memorable party.

Continue reading this entry ยป. Maybe these poems will help Stuck in the suburbs post-Christmas?

Head to Westmont for coffee shop Brewed Awakening's poetry reading. In the spirit of Christmas Eve, check out these poems.

Personals in Puerto Rico, USA

In the suburbs for the holidays or year-round? Poetry from noon to pm, music from to 2pm.

Personals in Puerto Rico, USA

Bring a few poems to share at the open mic. Brewed Awakening, 19 W. Quincy, Westmont.

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Sunday, December 26, noon. Take a look at the selections! Write Club pits two opposing writers against each other, each given 7 minutes to argue their side, winner chosen by audience.

Personals in Puerto Rico, USA

This Wednesday is the first ever holiday-themed installment. Featured readings include Jesus Ian Belknap vs.

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Receive Shannon Maney-Magnuson. The HideoutW Wabansia, Wednesday, December 22 at 7pm.

Personals in Puerto Rico, USA

Another Chicago Magazine has made it to its 50th issue! And 50 has been dedicated to the city of Chicago.

Get a peek at what's inside the issue here. Answers and Questions is a biweekly column that asks Chicago writers to remember the funniest or strangest things they've been asked in a question-and-answer session, during a talk, or in an interview.

Personals in Puerto Rico, USA

But the most awkward questions I remember were at a panel last year at the Chicago Cultural Center. I thought I'd made it pretty clear that my background was editorial; I had a handout called "50 Questions for Editorial Planning.

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Three of us spoke, then a moderator directed questions to us individually. She started with me -- and I didn't know the answer. I'm pretty comfortable with the idea that I don't know everything and that it's not shameful to admit it. So I lobbed the question to one of the other panelists. When it was my turn again, I couldn't believe it -- the second question was also completely outside my area!

Personals in Puerto Rico, USA

Both of the questions were based on the assumption that I had actually started a literary business of my own at some point. Deferring the first question might look cool and confident, but doing it twice would just look stupid.

Personals in Puerto Rico, USA

So I took a stab at it. Blab, blab, blab -- I spouted nonsense and sounded like a bag of hot air. I should have said, "Honest, I really do know stuff!

Personals in Puerto Rico, USA

You just have to ask the right questions. Anyway, I learned my lesson: next time I'm on the spot, I'll go for funny instead of fathead.

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Some questions for Christian Wimaneditor of Poetry magazine and author of the poetry book, Every Riven Thing among others! GB: The definition of "riven" is "to wrench open," "tear apart or to pieces," or "to split with force.

Is there any truth to this? CW: It's hard for me to remember which poems were written when. There are poems in this book that are fifteen years old, and others that were written right before the book came out.

I think you're right, though, to notice the radical mix of tones in the "religious" poems. Some, like the title poem, are clearly devotional; others are fraught with doubt and a sense of my own inadequacy; a couple are openly antagonistic to the whole notion of religion and belief. I needed them all.

Personals in Puerto Rico, USA

Need them all. I know what I took from that image, and I'm sure other readers find their own meanings in it. CW: I don't really believe we can ever speak clearly and truly of god, much less speak his his!

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In both of those poems you mention two of my personal favoriteslanguage and existence have been pushed as far as they can be pushed -- by the subjects of the poems, I mean; I'm not claiming this as an accomplishment of the poems -- and the silence that ensues is a mixture of mortal defeat and mysterious grace. GB: Now, less about topic and more about process I'm the kind of writer who spits out lines randomly and eventually tries to put them together into a poem.

Personals in Puerto Rico, USA

Your work is very well-crafted, very musical, with an emphasis on sound and rhyme. Do you find it difficult to create poems like these? What is your process like?

Personals in Puerto Rico, USA

CW: I don't know if it's difficult. I mean, I don't really have anything else to compare it to. I never chose to write the way I do. I hear this music in my head, these rhythms wanting to be words, and I can't get any relief until I get the lines and the rhymes and the rhythms right.

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